I’m just pissed off about everything

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At first, sorry for all my Finnish language readers, I’m not writing anymore on Finnish, even it’s my mother tongue. Why? ’Cause the plugin I used for multilingual writing doesn’t work with the updated WP and messed up my site. So now on it’s just English.

The reason I started writing this time (before I got pissed off by a dumbass plugin) was an article I read earlier this week. It’s only in Finnish, but I can tell you that it’s all about why are we fed with s*it. The article is about convenience food and how it’s not what it’s supposed to be. For example, a hamburger steak (mincemeat) is mostly chicken and pig skin and fat, flour and food additives, not beef at all. And of course how many of light products contain aspartame, a sweetener with bad influence on us.

I had a conversation with my old friend on this subject and I started wonder WHY do we eat this s*hit?
I think that the number one and two reasons are these:
It’s cheaper than ”proper food” and it’s easier to cook if you are not the Top Chef on your world. And of course some people don’t have the time to cook and some just don’t like to cook.

I like cooking, I love food (that’s why I’m overweight). We don’t have a lot of money to use on food. Two unemployed freelancers plus one growing kid in the kitchen table wanting good food isn’t at all a good reason to buy that s*hit but sometimes it’s the only thing we can afford. I want to make good tasting, healthy food, but these days it’s not an option. The food must be as cheap as you can get.

Would you want to know what I ”found out”?
Convenience food isn’t cheap! It’s quite expensive! I save more money as I buy ”real food” as potatoes, carrots and soy products than I would if I bought convenience food. Yes, it takes me time to prepare and make food and bake my own bread, but it’s cheap and quite healthy. We have a lot of potato based foods (mashed potatoes, soups, stews and such). We use quite much eggs, they are quite good protein source and an omelette is quite cheap to make. And I make a lot of gravy, different types of them. They are cheap to make and if you do it the right way, they are quite healthy too (not a lot calories).

Of course it would be best if everybody bought organic food and local food, but its way too expensive to our budget. And here in a little town it’s not so easy to get your hands on versatile organic food. Sure, we have organic potatoes and bananas in the store but not meat or such. But we try to eat as healthy as we can with our tight budget.

I think that our government could do something to help everybody to be able to by organic food. They could either lower the cost of organic food or they could raise the labor market support so we unemployed could also buy the better stuff. That way the people would stay healthier and when they would get employed, they would be better workers and save a lots of money from the health care system, just by being healthier.

But well, at this point we just have to do what we can and try to eat as healthy as we can. Instead of buying convenience food I make our food myself and save money and lose weight! Instead of buying a 2 euro bread, that lasts 3 days, I buy flours and dry yeast (costs about 2 euros) and make my own bread that we can eat a lot longer period and have less bad additives in our system.
I wait for the summer to come. Then the vegetables are less expensive and we can have a lot of different types of salads!

But now, I want everyone who is reading this, to go and make a bread (it’s easy!). The smell of fresh, warm bread is just amazing!

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