Just plain tired

Kirjoitettu 03.04.2011 kirjoittanut Karhuntassu

Two weeks have passed, I haven’t been writing. Just been too tired to do anything that I can leave undone. School is sucking all my energy. I could just sleep sleep sleep…

Well, school will end after this upcoming week. 5 more days to cope, then it’s over. Can’t wait to get back to the normal routines! I like the school but this tiredness is making me cranky.

Spring is coming! Snow is melting rapidly, there’s water everywhere. Don’t like the water part, I hate it when my socks get wet while walking to school. But spring… how I miss it! I want to see something else than snow!!

So, the next time that I will write, the school will be over and maybe I have something else to speak about than tiredness. Hope you’re all doing well 🙂


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