Ostara is coming

Kirjoitettu 03.03.2012 kirjoittanut Karhuntassu

It’s that time of year that us bears start to wake up from our winter sleep. The sun is shining brightly, snow is melting and soon you see the ground starting to uncover from the cold embrace of snow. My winter has been long, and now it’s time to take my bear cub with me and smell the scent of the becoming spring.

Ostara is a sabbath of the start of spring, balance and fertility. Night and day are equal and after Ostara, the days are longer than the night. I’m so happy that this long, long winter is finally starting to loose it’s strength and the spring is coming! I need the sun! I want to go out with my cub and enjoy the warm breeze of air and smell the soil and hear the lake near us.

We will celebrate Ostara our own way as a family. There will be good sabbath food, some crafting and of course some offerings to the nature. I’ve been a witch over 17 years and I have had the time to learn how I want to celebrate my sabbaths. My ways are nothing too fancy, just kinda earthy and humble. I don’t need anything else than my family, nature and the Gods and Goddesses to make my sabbath a good one.

I hope that all of you readers wil have a nice Ostara and celebrate it your own way. Don’t let anyone tell you how it should be done (of course there is few rules but the rest is up to you). If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. Make your sabbaths look like you, and your spells and everything else will work better.

Enjoy the spring!

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