School, hibernation and Ostara

Kirjoitettu 20.03.2011 kirjoittanut Karhuntassu

It’s been a long and busy week. I get up in the morning, do my job, do some housewife things, go to school, get home, go to sleep, wake up the next morning, do my job, do some housewife things, go to school, get home, go to sleep… Not very interesting life some might say.

I kinda like it, although it’s very tiring. I like going to school and learning new things about corporate life and starting a new company. Every night I seem to hibernate. I can’t remember my dreams, as I usually do remember. I go to bed and *zap* I’m asleep. Then comes the morning and I wake up 5 minutes before my iPhone rings to wake me up. That is NOT normal to me. I usually wake up two or three times a night, go to toilet, turn around in bed and 90% of nights I can remember my dreams.

Well, I’m glad that this entrepreneur coaching isn’t longer. 3 weeks to go. Even if I like it, I like my nights better off-school. I don’t like to *zap* to sleep and the next minute its morning. I’m tired after nights like that. I’m like a bear that’s been shot in the ass, as us Finns say ”perseeseen ammuttu karhu”. And school messes up my weekends too! THAT is the part I hate the most!

I want my weekends to be relaxing, nice, good food, and gaming. Now it’s somewhat different. I have to do things that I don’t have time to do on weeks. I don’t relax as much as I would like and my head is full of school stuff even if I try not to think about school stuff. I want to spend time with my family and relax on weekend. I don’t want to do things I don’t found relaxing or entertaining. That is not my ideal weekend at all.

Well, after 3 weeks this will be over. After that I can relax on weekend, spend more time with my family and enjoy the concept of weekend. Please time, can you go a little faster?

Now it’s sunday, tomorrows is distant study day. That’s good ’cause tomorrow is also vernal equinox, Ostara, a big day in my religion; the traditional nature witchcraft. The day and the night are equally long, the world is in balance.

So, I hope that everybody can have a nice day tomorrow and notice how the nature is waking up after a long long winter. After tomorrow there will be more light than darkness in our days! Blessed Ostara and vernal equinox to all!

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