Spring and school

Kirjoitettu 09.03.2011 kirjoittanut Karhuntassu

It’ been over a week since I last wrote anything. There’s been a lot of things to do and even more things on my mind making a mess.

Yesterday was my and my husband’s first day in school. Well, it’s not really a school, it’s a class of entrepreneur coaching and it lasts 25 days. Monday was the first day, but it was distant study day and yesterday was the first day that we went really to ”school”. Our educator seemed to be a nice lady, who knows what she’s talking about. Can’t wait to get back to class today.

Our class group seems quite alright, there’s 13 of us. 4 of us are woman, the rest is guys. We are the only married couple, others are the by themselves and there are also two friends that want to start a business together. Our educators vary and there will be outside professionals to give us lectures too. There will be two distant study days and one or two days that we go to familiarize ourselves with different businesses. I really really hope that I don’t get sick or anything, this seems to be a class worth attending to.

What else? Yes, saturday is a big day for me and my husband. In our town there’s a trade fair where our studio is also introducing. I got an invitation from my former boss that I can go and introduce our work on their table. That’s pretty cool! We’ve (me and my husband UK) made a lots of different types of brochures to give to people. I’m so excited!! 🙂

And then of course there’s the fact that SPRING IS COMING!!! Oh how I’ve waited to see the sun, hear the birds chirp in the morning and of course to be able to dress less clothes when going out. I really do like winter, but it’s been so long and extremely cold winter so I’m happy happy joy joy that it’s spring again!

But now I have to prep my bag to school, do the dishes, eat something and make myself look like a human instead of a troll (I got a new hairdo last week).

But since it’s spring, sun is shining, birds are chirping and snow is melting, go outside and say hello to the world around you. It wont be there always.

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