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Ostara is coming

Kirjoitettu 03.03.2012 kirjoittanut Karhuntassu

It’s that time of year that us bears start to wake up from our winter sleep. The sun is shining brightly, snow is melting and soon you see the ground starting to uncover from the cold embrace of snow. My … Lue tarkemmin

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Just plain tired

Kirjoitettu 03.04.2011 kirjoittanut Karhuntassu

Two weeks have passed, I haven’t been writing. Just been too tired to do anything that I can leave undone. School is sucking all my energy. I could just sleep sleep sleep… Well, school will end after this upcoming week. … Lue tarkemmin

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Spring and school

Kirjoitettu 09.03.2011 kirjoittanut Karhuntassu

It’ been over a week since I last wrote anything. There’s been a lot of things to do and even more things on my mind making a mess. Yesterday was my and my husband’s first day in school. Well, it’s … Lue tarkemmin

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