Witchy parenting

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For most of the people religion is something they don’t need to think after the christening. It’s just something that isn’t that big of a deal and when kids go to school the school takes care of the religious education. Well, that’s not my cup of tea.

As a witch, I will raise my kids to walk the same path as I am walking. Of course when they are old enough, they can choose whatever religion they want. My job as a mother is to provide safe start on religious life, and I will guide my kids as well as I can.

My older kid, a teenage girl, has been on my path now about five years. My daughter’s biological father wasn’t on a same path as I, so my daughter was christened as a child and participated on schools religion classes, as do 95% of children who are born in Finland to a ”normal” Finnish family.

Then I got divorced, and I asked my daughter, does she still want to be a member of the church. Well, she didn’t. So we took care of that, and I and my new husband started to guide her on our path, gently and slowly. We didn’t want to tell everything right away, ’cause she was so young and everything we teached was so new to her. Now, after five years of teaching, she knows as much as we do about things in our religion, she participates on our sabbaths and is a big part of our path.

Before we got our baby boy, my little bear cub, I didn’t understand how different it would be to raise a kid to our path since birth. How much smoother and easy-going it would be. We will teach him all the same things as to his big sister, but it will be totally different. He’s been participating on our sabbaths from the day he was born, but her big sister couldn’t when she was younger, not before she knew enough of our religion and beliefs. Our baby boy will learn his religion as the time goes by, it will be nicer that way.

I’m interested in hearing how do other witches raise their kids. If you want to share your story with me (I won’t publish it 🙂 ) you can write to me

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